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About Us

 We are a team of Educators, Designers, Researchers, and Technologists, dedicated and passionate about the art and science of learning. We achieve our client’s goals by merging traditional and technological instructional approaches – with focus on the student through design and personalized learning environments. We believe technology should aid educators in helping students achieve their goals.



So you can focus on the technology

Services and Solutions


Education Strategist

Our Education Strategist can help you launch your training organization. We focus on the education organization while you focus on the innovation and technology.

Instructional Designers

Our designers are here to design, lead, and manage large-scale, high visibility enterprise training projects or programs. We can hit the ground running, with strong knowledge and best practices in Adult Learning Theory and Game Design Mechanics.

Content Developers

Our highly technical Curriculum Developers design and develop various Instructor Led or Blended Learning courses. We have experience in hands on development of eLearning using the major eLearning tools such as Articulate, Storyline, and Captivate.

Training Health Analysis

We provide Training Health Analysis for your startup. We provide actionable metrics and individual recommendations for your organization. Let us jump start your Training program so you can focus on innovation.





“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” Jack Welch


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Artificial Intelligent Instructional Design – Training that builds itself.